Our Products
Spy Camera
Spy Bag Camera
Bag Spy Camera, Spy Hand Bag Camera.
Spy Keychain Camera
Keychain Camera, Spy Camera.
Spy Button Camera
Spy button camera with t.v +Magic remote +night vision.
Spy GSM Wireless Device
Easy to install, and no configuration (just put phone card in).
Spy Wall Clock
It is Built-in 4GB memory of the remote control stealth Cameras
Spy Lighter Camera
Cigarette lighter camera that will take full motion video for 2 hours AND light your cigarette at the same time!
Spy Calculator Camera
Spy Casio Calculator Video & Still camera 5.2 Mega Pixel 4 GB.
Spy Identity Card Camera
Spy Pass Card Micro Camera
Come with neck strap and name card clip.
Spy Mp3 Player
MP3 player with camera Picture pixel: 1.3 million pixels
CCTV Camera
Commitment to Quality Product Training Program Wide range of products
Spy Listening Device
Keeping you in touch, at a single touch!
Spy Camera Goggles
Video recording, MP3 playback, Can be connected to home theatre, earphone, headphone or multimedia
Spy Hidden Camera Finder
If you see a suspected camera, move your vantage point slightly.
Spy Wrist Watch Camera
Spy watch camera built into classy looking metal and glass wrist watch for James Bond like espionage.
Spy Wall Listening Device
Technically speaking the device is pretty simple.
Spy DVR Socket Camera
This Socket Appearance Spy Camera DVR is a big invention compare to the other common spy camera DVR in the market.
Wireless Inspection Camera
Allows for easy visual inspections in hard to reach areas .
Spy Motion Camera
This advanced DVR with built-in night vision is loaded with features and looks
Time Record. Table Clock
Time Recording Digital Table Clock with Sony Camera
On off by remote or manually.
Spy Coke Can Camera
A Coca-Cola Can Wireless Hidden Video Camera system features the smallest pinhole camera in the world
Spy Pen Camera
Digital Spy Hidden pen camera cum pen drive 5.0 mega pixels camera 01 YEAR Guarantee.
Keychain Camera
Key Chain Spy Camera DVR Covert Video Audio Recorder, The Smallest Camera and DVR built-in microphone .
PTZ-IP-Wi fi Camera
This is an integrated wireless night vision IP camera solution
Spy Switch Camera
This camera can also detect motion time and date stamping and a tamper evident counter.
Magic Pen
Spy Digital Voice Recorder
Super slim design.
Built-in High quality Audio decoder for recording & music play back.
Wireless Camera Jammer
Easily operated and user-friendly, no hassle installation needed.
Spy Mobile Charger
Charger DVR with built in Micro camera for your home or office surveillance when you are not there.
Spy Neck Tie Camera
Spy watch camera camera built into classy looking metal and glass wrist watch for James Bond
Spy A/V Wireless Camera
Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera CCTV Newest Mode, High Sensitivity Wireless Pinhole Full-Color Camera with Receiver !
Spy Button Camera
The World's Smallest audio Video recorder with Button shape camera for hidden AV recording.
Spy Cap Camera
Spy camera cap, It holds 4GB of memory,
Spy Table Clock Camera
This Mini table clock includes 5.0 MP hidden camera.
Waterproof Watch Camera
Voice Recording 
Video Recording, Picture Shooting,
Spy Watch Camera HD
This multifunctional gadget is not only a watch, a digital camera, but also a hidden digital video recorder,
Spy Voice Changer
A standard size watch battery powers the cell phone voice changer for 30 hours of use
Spy Car Camera 
SPY CAR CAMERA Pixel : 2 million CMOS pixel AVI(1280*960@30 FPS) Visual View angle : 65degree Support TF card up to 8GB
Dash Cam for Car
In times like these, you can?t afford any waste of valuable resources, such as the improper use of a vehicle.
Home DVR for Hidden Cam
Easy-to-use basic digital video recorder-One more press to stand by, Records audio and video to SD card(up to 32GB)
Voice Activated Vib.Cam
Voice/Motion Activated Spy Car Key Camera with Viberation Alert
Spy Photo Frame Camera
Products is the first high-definition digital camera with motion  detection and camera-equipped photo frame.
Invisible Playing Card
If you still feel uncomfortable, please take it off and clean it thoroughly again, After 1 to 2 minutes, you will be able to see the mark on the cards clearly 
Wall Clock Camera 4GB
Hidden camera capacity: 4GB, Support Vioce recording, Perfect for the garage, office, or home .
Small Table Clock Camera
Photograph Format: AVI Photograph Dimension: 1280X960 Memory: 4GB Video Recording Function USB: 2.0(Hs)
Spy Belt Camera
Buckle DVR very new and only one in the market and that is by ACTION DELHI INDIA.
Car Keychain Camera
Spy Fake Mercedez Benz Car Remote Keychain Camera
mage Sensor: 5.0MP, Video Resolution: 1280*960 VGA.
Spy Bluetooth Camera
Cool looking Spy bluetooth Clip Camera Mini DVR with secretly built in camera for video and image capture.
Spy HD Button Camera
Built-in Super High Definition CCD Camera Lens.
Video Resolution: 1280x960.
Cap Camera Vibration Alert
Memory : 16 GB ,
Synchronous : Video ,
Resolution : 1280 * 960,
Typical Microphone Range : 3m
Wireless Door Phone+Cam
3.5 wide angle LCD screen looks comfortable; Battery bar display on screen, to know when to charge it;
Glasses Hidden Camera
Spy Camcorder Glasses Hidden Camera
Easy to Carry, Fashion Design. The camera is located in the center between the two lenses.
Spy HD Keychain Camera
This Micro Cam recorder records Hi-Resolution real time (30fps) video.
Wrist Watch Camera
Spy 4GB Water Proof Digital Wrist Watch Camera
This digital video recorder is a real watch and displays the time in seconds,minutes andhrs.
Spy Pendant Camera
The appearance is exquisite,It is esthetic ,pritical and easy to carry.
Spy Keychain Camera
Spy Keychain Camera with Password Protection
Shake clew with every operation instead of working light.
Spy Torch Camera
LED Flashlight Torch Spy Surveillance DVR Camera is not a normal LED torch but a SPY camera.
Mobile Sim Card Reader
The GSM SIM reader allows you to read, backup and modify information you may carry in your SIM card.
Car Video Surveillance
Normal Looking Mirror For In Car Video Surveillance
Completely Covert Disguised As An In Car Mirror High Resolution Recording.
Spy Photo Frame Camera
Spy Photo Frame Camera with Recording Night Vision
Photo Frame Micro Hidden Camera Photo Spy Camera Product Specification.
Pinhole Hidden Camera
HD 5.0MP 720P Mini Pinhole Hidden Camera
This Spy USB flash disk video recorder has HD high resolutions to enhance.
Spy USB Drive Camera
This is unique design product Motion detecting high-definition digital camera, Pictures.
Spy Cloth Hook Camera
Spy Cloth Hook Camera+Motion Detection
Video Record Audio Record, Still Pictures, Low power consumption,
Thermometer Hidden Cam
Spy Thermometer Hidden Camera
Recommended players: Storm, kmplayer, Mplayer and other multi-format supporting media players.
Spy Video Camera
3G Wireless Remote Spy Video Camera
Real-time Video: You can call the video phone to check the image of monitoring area anytime and anywhere.
Spy Chewing Gum Camera
This is unique design product The product with UBS disk storage, Pictures, Separate recordings.
Spy Fashion Design Watch
This multifunctional gadget is not only a watch, a digital camera,a digital video recorder, 
Video Record., Hidden Cam
HD Keychain Style Mini Video Recorder, Hidden Camera
This keychain spy camcorder looks really common.
Spy Mobile Phone
Dual sim cards Dual standby Screen: 2.0 inch MP3 background play, equalizer Video: 3GP, MP4,
Camera in Sports Shoes
This Angel Eye Mini pocket DVR Bodycam is ready to be used straight
out of the box!
Spy Wall Clock Camera
Spy Wall Clock Camera 8 Hours Recording
It is Built-in 16 GB memory of the remote control stealth Cameras.
Spy Camera Glasses
Low illumination, high resolution video and photo recording/taking . High speed recording and quick light response
Spy Flower Pot Camera
Flowerpot with hidden camera for use indoor without being noticed.
Camera in Nokia Phone
Spy Camera in Nokia Phone Touch Screen
Frequency: GSM900/1800
Dual sim cards Dual standby
Stun Gun + Safety Gun
A Stun Gun is an electrical self-defense device that uses high voltage to stop an attacker.
Mobile Phone Nokia Type
This Cell Phone Spy Camera has been designed like one of the classic first generation Nokia mobile phones.
Camera in 14" Colour T.V
More information please contact us.
WP Endoscope Camera
Spy Waterproof Endoscope Camera
Waterproof wire endoscope , High resolution with 1/6 CMOS camera
Night Vision Watch Camera
This is a New High resolution New Full 1080P spy watch camera Waterproof 4GB night vision,
Digital Table Clock Camera
Spy Digital Table Clock Camera (New Version)
long battery backup for 12 hour contineus recording.
Night Vision Clock Camera
Spy Night Vision Table Clock Camera
Motion detector; ,  IR night vision ; Play Back function
Recording Clock Camera
Spy 24 Hours Recording Table Clock Camera
This product is multifunctional clock provides the DV functions including video, audio, 
Spy Wall Listening Device
Motion detector; ,  IR night vision ; Play Back function
Wireless Watch Camera
This watch looks quite normal, but features a small built-in spy camera
Spy A/V Wireless Camera
Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera High Sensitivity Wireless Pinhole Full-Color Camera with Receiver 
Wireless Button Camera
Sensitivity Wireless Pinhole Full-Color Camera Pinhole design, hide it anywhere! Great surveillance device !
Wireless Inspection Cam
Allows for easy visual inspections in hard to reach areas.
Spy 3G Wireless Camera
Resolution: Video 640*480 Typical Microphone Range: 3m File Format: 3GP Sensor: CMOS Sensor
Wireless Camera Jammer
Spy 2.4 MHz Camera Jammer
Palm size for easy carry. Built-in rechargeable battery can be used for 5 hours outdoor. AC adaptor input for long time use.
Pro Extreme Wireless Cam
Spy Pro Extreme Wireless Camera
Pro extreme wireless camera hunter counter surveillance for detecting hidden video cameras.
Spy 3G Hidden Camera
The 3G Covert Camera is a small, covert all black camera that looks like a mobile phone from a distance,
Wireless Voice Transmitter
Micro wirelss audio transmitter ,proffessional voice of the collection.
Spy Wireless IP Camera
More information please contact us.
Camera with Baby Monitor
Spy Wireless Camera with Baby Monitor
Baby Video Monitor + 1/3 Inch CMOS Camera Wireless Baby Video Monitor
2-Way GSM Audio Device
2-Way GSM Audio Listening Device
This two way GSM audio spy device calls you from anywhere in the world when it detects sounds around its vicinity.
Digital Voice Recorder
GSM Listening Device
GSM Listening Device in Functioning Extension Socket
Fully Functioning European Extension sockets fitted with our very latest GSM listening technology.
Long Range Listen. Device
Spy Long Range Listening Device
Keeping you in touch, at a single touch! The is a combination transmitter & receiver listening device,
Spy GSM Wireless Device
You can hear this Sim Card Spy Ear from anywhere, and just dial in to this Sim Card
Spy USB Voice Recorder
This USB Voice Recorder is definitely one piece of spy gear that you should consider.
Mobile Battery GSM Bug
Hidden Battery GSM Bug With Call Balck Function This product uses military technology and with voice-activated automatic call back function.
GSM Detector & Protector
2G/3G Telephone Tap GSM Detector & Protector
2G/3G Cell network, its Compact platform intergrates aset of intelligent sensors, infrared sensor,etc
Bionic Ear + Booster
Magnify faint or distant sounds with the powerful Bionic Ear & Booster pinpointed sound amplifier/listening device.
Spy Voice Recorder Pen
Ball penone key to record, easy to operate. Built-in flash memorey Built-in high-senstitive microphone .
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